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I've Got Something to Say.

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Why would you want another email clogging your in-box -- especially one from me?

At the very least, these emails make it easier for you to hear what's on my mind without having to visit multiple social media websites to find out. (Which I know you're doing because my life is just that exciting. LOL.)

At most, you might find something I say interesting, thought-provoking, or even amusing.


Sometimes I have something to say about my work, and the state of the digital industry -- as someone who was in it from the very beginning.

Other times I have things to say about the hits and misses of (what I fear is becoming a bad word) "content," coming from the person who coined the phrase back in the early 1990s. (I have emails to prove it.)

And still other times I may comment on my entrepreneurial endeavors, or share about things I enjoy, like a new recipe, or my experience caring for a very old dog, or something about old stone houses.

Or, frankly, sometimes I just bitch. It might be about the state of the world, relationships, the news or a terrible customer service experience. 

Who knows. Truth is, I'm never sure what I'll write about in advance. But that's how like it. I prefer to mix things up to give you, my dear readers, variety and suprise.


So think of these emails as a way to hear from me directly -- but I promise that it won't be that often, and only when when I’VE (REALLY) GOT SOMETHING TO SAY.

FFS. If you're read this far, just subscribe. It's free. What do you have to lose?

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