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I'm Nicole.

I've been called a copywriter...
a content strategist...
a brand marketer...
and a communications expert. 

I answer to all of them.


My Expertise

I have experience with all types and sizes of companies -- B2C, B2B, SaaS, non-profits, start-ups and others.

My core areas of expertise include:

  • Copywriting for all formats - website, ads, services, etc.

  • Distinct and consistent brand narratives

  • Original content creation and curation.

  • Editorial management including editing, reworking, proof reading, managing writers; AP Style.

  • Landing pages

  • Email campaigns

  • Sales and marketing collateral

  • Board and investor presentations

  • Brand voice guidelines, editorial direction and marketing "playbooks"

  • Launch and relaunch of content-driven experiences

And, before you ask: Of course, I know how to use SEO for research purposes. Better still, I know how to use SEO to inform content but not sacrifice your brand’s identity.

I bring category expertise in all health, medical and wellness topics, as well as food and wine, beauty and style, diet and exercise, shopping and travel, and pets and entertainment.

Selected Clients

I've been trusted to handle content and messaging for a wide variety of companies -- large and small, --including B2C, B2B, SaaS, non-profits, start-ups, publishers, CPG, advertising agencies, and others such as: 

Contact Me

Let's Do This.

Send me an email:

Call or text: 917-697-5252

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