Updated: Jan 21, 2019

When Hearst asked me to be the Founding Editor for a food website that wasn’t tied to a particular magazine brand, I knew it’d be tough to compete due to market saturation in the food space. I knew that the website's brand, content and identity had to be unique, and be better than anything else out there. At the time, in 2008, new food television shows like Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen were gaining popularity, and I saw an opportunity to go beyond the average recipe site by including a celebrity and entertainment component. My vision a useful site with thousands of recipes, but also fun and entertaining by covering pop culture through the lens of food. It was sort of meets In combination, this meant gathering thousands of recipes from both Hearst and other publishers, as well as the creation of original content about celebrity chefs, food news, food events and competitions, and more. I spearheaded the development of this brand; directed and edited all content; and led a team of 12. In less than three months, I led the team to launch a site with over 10,000 recipes and slideshows, dozens of interviews with celebrity chefs, and original videos of how-to's and a regular series called Must-Eat TV. Delish is still in the Top 10 of food websites as of 2018.