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Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Throughout the relaunch of AKC.org, they asked me to write marketing copy based on the content direction I had provided. I wrote everything from site labels and explanatory text to full-length marketing pieces about their various programs.

I've done a wide variety of work for AKC.org. First, I started with a content strategy. Then they asked me to write various things, everything full-length editorial pieces to promotional pieces about their many programs, especially Sports & Events. A few months later after the relaunch, they asked me to write several pieces for their new Disaster Preparedness Center.

History of the American Kennel Club

Get Started in Sports and Events

AKC Conformation Program - Get Started

AKC Conformation Program - Introduction

AKC Agility Sport and Event - Get Started

AKC Agility Sport & Event - Introduction

AKC Therapy Dog Program

AKC Search and Rescue Program

AKC Rally Sport & Event

AKC Obedience Sport & Event - Get Started

AKC Obedience Sport & Event - Intro

AKC Trick Sport & Event

AKC Tracking Sport & Event Program - Get Started

AKC Tracking Sport & Event Program - Introduction

AKC Title Recognition Program

AKC 4-6 Month Puppy Program

AKC Performance Sports

AKC Match Program

AKC Junior Programs

AKC Flyball Sport & Event

AKC Field Sports

AKC Earthdog Sport & Event

AKC Field Sports for Hounds

AKC Diving Sport

AKC Companion Sports

AKC Coursing Sport & Event

AKC Barnhunt Sport & Event

AKC Disaster Preparedness Center:

20 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe in a Stay Floods

Sheltering in Place With Your Dog During a Natural Disaster

Create an Emergency Evacuation Plan for You and Your Dog

4 Steps to Finding Your Lost Dog

What You Need to Know About Evacuating With Your Dog