AKC.org's Content Strategy

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

When the American Kennel Club established new brand values, they brought me in to provide new direction and content for a variety of their programs and services.

The American Kennel Club's goal was to create content that would appeal to all dog lovers -- not just breed aficionados. When they shared their brand values with me, it was immediately apparent that their website content was not in line with where they were currently: Most of their content was pedantic and cold, the exact opposite of the attributions they wanted to convey. I started by doing an in-depth content strategy that included a comparison of their competition to ensure that their content not only met their internal branding needs -- but would also stand apart from others in the space. After that, I created all new marketing copy for their programs, especially their Sports/Events content which was extraordinarily complicated and old-fashioned and needed to be more easier to understand, relatable and appealing to all dog owners.

See before/after examples here