About Me

Some call me a content strategist; others call me a digital marketer. I answer to both, but I think of myself as an experienced content editor who walks, talks and acts like a marketer. Does that make me a content marketer? Perhaps, but I think that moniker makes content sound like a widget, which it most certainly is not. Content and messaging are core to success in today’s crowded world of digital and social media, and my track record proves that I know how to develop content that attracts the right audience, and turns them from “casual browsers” to “brand loyalists.”


I’ve been all digital, all the time, since the early 1990’s. I’ve worn many hats throughout the years and have been involved with all facets of a digital business, from launching new brands with deep libraries of content; to building large followings on social media; to content creation, UX writing and site optimization; and much more. I have literally worked on hundreds of websites and campaigns but some of my favorite accomplishments include being the original founding editor of Delish.com, a Top 3 food website; the original founding editor of RealBeauty.com, a Top 10 beauty and wellness website; the digital director of GoodHousekeeping.com; Vice President of iVillage.com; and many others.


After a long career in executive positions at many of the world's largest brands – including GoodHousekeeping.com, iVillage.com, Prevention.com, ABC.com, Disney and others -- I've been consulting for the past 10 years with my own firm, Stagg Digital. My client base is purposefully varied, and includes and includes publishers, consumer packaged goods companies, non-profit organizations, membership associations, start-ups and small businesses.


My clients tap into me for content strategies and content development for audiences of all ages and demographics; sales and marketing copywriting, including 360 campaigns; social media strategies and execution; content-focused marketplace and competitive analyses; messaging for presentations to investors, sales teams and/or board members; and more. I bring deep category experience in health and wellness, food and wine, beauty and style, diet and exercise, shopping and travel, and pets and entertainment.


When I’m not writing or finding opportunities for a new website, I spend time with my husband and rescue dog in our historic, 100-year old house in Mohegan Lake, New York.